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Evaluating New
        Technologies for Energy

        International Energy Agency
        (IEA)    has developed different
        methods and tools to assess the
        various technologies’ effectiveness
        for an energy transition based on
        scenario analysis. The Sustainable
        Development Scenario (SDS) targets
        rise in global temperature of 1.8°C
        in 2070 with a probability of CO
        emission reaching net-zero as
        66%. Negative CO  emissions after
        2070 would enable reaching the
        target of restricting temperature
        rise target of 1.5°C by 2100. Such
        negative emissions have also been
        studied in 88 scenarios by the
        Intergovernmental Panel on Climate              Fig. 11: Technology readiness for CO  emission reduction 9
        Change (IPCC).

        The Energy Technology Perspectives
        Model 2020 (ETP 2020) by IEA
        uses a combination of scenario
        techniques to evaluate the energy
        sector’s performance in the long
        term. The technologies that have
        been studied and developed have
        advanced to extensive prototype
        testing with known performance
        and cost parameters. The ETP model
        has four parts covering energy
        conversion, industry, transport
        and buildings. Using this model,
        outcomes can be studied for use
        cases of construction, industry,
        and transport against variations in
        energy supply.

        In the SDS, electrification of transport,
        industry and building sectors would
        reduce emissions in 2070 by 40%.
        Adopting hydrogen, bioenergy and
        synthetic fuels derived from hydrogen
        would result in further 20% reduction
        and deploying carbon capture
        utilisation and storage (CCUS) systems
        can contribute 15%. Innovation in
        new and existing technologies can
        bring about the implementation of
        these strategies for decarbonisation.
        The technology readiness is shown in
        Figures 11 and 12.                                Fig. 12: Maturity of Technology for Energy Transition 9
        9   Making the transition to clean energy – Energy Technology
             Perspectives 2020 – Analysis - IEA

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