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alternate source and its production. The per capita   program can be drawn for the future.
        energy (in terms of land, people or weight etc.) needs
        careful evaluation while selecting the energy transition   Industry partnerships or Consortiums or conglomerate
        techniques.                                           may have to be sought for a collaborated effort
                                                              focusing on internal efficiencies and agility to develop
        B:  Improvements in operational efficiencies and      a strong business case and justify the cost. A startup,
        energy optimisation opportunities should be           innovation ecosystem with the help of pilots and
        considered, especially using cutting-edge digital     experimentations and support from the government,
        technologies to improve efficiency under varying loads   academia and industry may accelerate the energy
        vs constant peak loads.
        Pull and Push strategy: Ability to seamlessly change   Our approach in this journey shall be to work with
        the production volume and mix and maintain high       clients, academic institutions and industry partners to
        efficiencies in both Pull and Push Strategy.
                                                              have a holistic view of the industry/sector energy map.
        Peak Capacity operations vs Flexibilisation, i.e. stable &   The transition needs to ensure that any efficiency and
        efficient operating level ensures the optimum cost of the   optimisation or flexibilisation (as regards production
        operation                                             volume and product mix) are enabled by rewiring
                                                              the enterprise and connecting the legacy (for asset
        Inter-Connected / Enhanced Transmission & Distribution  sweating) with the digitalisation. Digitalisation needs
        / Hybrid Grid Infrastructure                          a parallel business case and shall be an integral part
                                                              of Energy transition, else without the digital glue,
        C: Better quality of products which can last longer.   integration and rewiring will be suboptimal.
        Energy transitions to reduce the demand for the
        product by making long-lasting and superior quality

        D: Less Wastage (Recycling) driven by both efficiencies
        and circularity mindset, i.e. optimum utilisation of
        Concluding Remarks:

        Energy transition road map will be unique to every           Amit Sharma - Managing Director
        organisation. It requires prioritisation across the
        different areas of operations within the organisation,       Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE)
        aligned with transition roadmap of an organisation
        keeping existing laboratory scale efforts and their
        technology readiness (TRL) levels so that a parallel

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