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Records show that implementing
        new energy technologies has
        taken between 20 to 70 years
        to progress from prototype to
        commercialisation and gain at
        least 1% of the national market,
        refer Figure 13. However, with the
        stiff targets for decarbonisation
        in a relatively shorter span of
        three decades, the entire cycle
        of technology maturation,
        commercialisation and market
        adoption must be operated on a
        much faster time scale. This will
        require strong policy support, more
        generous sharing of knowledge
        and improving synergy between
        different agencies.

        Impact of COVID19 on
        Energy Transition                             Figure – 13: Timespan for technologies to achieve market share
        The COVID19 crisis has
        overshadowed the world economy      Concluding Remarks
        in much of 2020 and continues
        into 2021, showing an appreciable   In response to the Paris 2015 agreement, rapid changes are being
        downfall in energy demand curves.   witnessed globally, especially the way energy is used. Technology can
        Studies project that growth to      deliver solutions to combat global warming; however, the approach
        pre-COVID19 levels may resume in    requires careful selection and policy support. Engineering companies and
        one to four years, but the growth   expertise would help the industries in conducting detail energy transition
        path would change. Demand for       studies and framing suitable roadmap for adopting select technologies to
        electricity and gas would register   meet the given industrial process’s specific goals.
        higher growth; oil demand would
        rise at a slower rate while coal
        demand would continue to fall
        further. The increase of remote
        working and travel reduction can
        reduce oil demand by 2 million             Authors
        barrels per day by 2035.

        The response to the pandemic crisis
        has shown hope for a decarbonised          Atul Choudhari
        future for energy. Healthcare and          Deputy Chief Technology Officer
        economic stimulus support has been
        swift, and the present scenario points      Manos De - Senior General Manager
        towards a contained spread of the
        virus and returns to a growth path.        Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE)
        The agile response to this black swan
        event shows that appreciation of the
        catastrophic scenario and supportive
        policy decisions can implement
        new technology on an accelerated
        track. Applying this same concept
        to the cause of energy transition can
        achieve the desired decarbonisation
        targets and meet the agreed
        demand for climate change.

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