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                                                                    I am delighted to present this issue of
                                                                    TCExpressions, primarily as it deals with
                                                                    a subject close to my heart, “Energy
                                                                    Transition”; a pathway toward globally
                                                                    transforming the energy sector from
                                                                    fossil-based to zero-carbon, at the very
                                                                    core of which is the need to reduce
                                                                    energy-related CO2 emissions to limit
                                                                    climate change.

                                                                    Decarbonising the energy sector requires
                                                                    immediate action on a global scale. While
                                                                    the global energy transition is underway,
                                                                    further action is necessary to reduce
                                                                    carbon emissions and mitigate climate
                                                                    change. Further, this energy transition
                                                                    will be enabled by smart information
                                                                    technology and policy frameworks.

                                                                    I am pleased to inform you that Tata
                                                                    Consulting Engineers (TCE) has geared
                                                                    up a team of experts who have worked
                                                                    on sectoral Energy Transition needs and
                                                                    actions. You will read more about it in
                                                                    this issue. You will also get to read about
                                                                    hydrogen, the fuel of the future, which
             Amit Sharma
             Managing Director                                      is all set to play a significant role in the
                                                                    Energy Transition.

                                    2020 is finally behind us. It was an eventful year that showed the world to
                                    live frugally, be self-sufficient, and be agile - all three key to survival. I am
                                    proud of the team for staying current to provide value-added services to
                                    all our clients.

                                    I wish to thank my entire TCE team and all our customers for their trust
                                    and patronage. I hope you enjoy reading this issue and get to learn
                                    more about energy transition; we will be glad to connect with you and
                                    understand how it affects you specifically and assist you in the journey.

                                    Happy Reading!

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