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CONTENTS                                          35         Role Of Industry 4.0 in

                                                                         Energy Transition

                                                                         The Sun is Shining Brighter on
                                                                         the Sands - Middle East’s Solar

        03         Reflections                                41         Revolution and Warfare
                                                                         Hydrogen Infrastructure
                                                                         Development And Challenges
                   Message from the MD
        04         Energy Transition Outlook                  48         Road Map to Environment-Friendly

                                                                         Power Generation in India
                   Overview of Energy Transition Scenarios
        10         Industrial Energy Transitions              52         Customer Testimonial

                   Simplified Energy Transition Modules

        14         Role of Renewables in                      55         Infrastructure

                   Energy Transition

        19         Impact on Thermal Power Plant              65         Cluster Update & Articles
                   due to Renewable Penetration
                                                                         Plant and Engineering
                   and Way Forward
        22         Energy Transition & Clean                  81         Cluster Update & Articles

                   Technology In Metals: IRON & STEEL
                                                                         Digital & Technology
        28         Electricity Distribution System                       Cluster Update & Articles

                   in India
                                                                         Human Resources
        31         Nuclear Power – Fuelling a                 95         Function Update

                   Powerful India
                                                             109         TCEndeavour

                                                                         Update on CSR Initiatives

                                                                EDITOR’S NOTE

                                                              Dear Readers,
                                                              This edition of TCExpression, Energy Transition Pathways, explores
                                                              the need and solutions for transitioning towards clean and
                                                              sustainable energy.
                                                              As the world evolves its thinking and options, we tried to get you
                                                              our perspective on how Energy Transition impacts various sectors
                                                              and how each industry can mitigate the negative impact.
                                                              I wish to thank Dr Rajashekhar R Malur and Mr Atul Choudhari for
                                                              helping us put together the content and Ms Shruti Deshpande for
                                                              the beautiful design.
                                                              Please do feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us on
                                                              Happy Reading!
                                                              Alpna Singh

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