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          Tweaking a heritage building                        Again, the primary challenge was the conflict between

          for structural and fire safety                      design aesthetics, the required functionality of a state-
                                                              of-the-art automated work space, an open-ceiling that
          standards                                           required ultra-slim ducts for wiring and cables. Several of
                                                              the automation-works and ICT, the Tata Experience Centre,
                                                              the HVAC and MEP, were carried out concurrently.
          The TCE team upgraded the safety and fire protection to
          current fire safety standards as per the Brihanmumbai
          Municipal Corporation (BMC) norms. The MEP Design   Optimising existing
          consultants SNK was presented with a fire safety protocol
          and structural peer review findings by an expert team   infrastructure
          from TCE. The building’s fire-fighting and Protection Design
          is fully compliant with wet hydrant and sprinklered system   Through the transformation plan, the TCE-Ecofirst team
          including basements and attic areas thereby enhancing   revisited and re-furbished several existing infrastructure. A
          the building lifespan for the next 50 years. The structural   case in point is the elevator upgradation. The original elevator
          interventions which included widening of the main   in the main lobby was functioning at a seven pax capacity per
          entrance steps needed an expert review by TCE structural   elevator. But due diligence revealed the capacity of the shaft
          teams. A common step-by-step method statement for
          carrying out this work was agreed upon.

          One-Tata for one smart Tata


          The many components that formed part of the Bombay
          House transformation were Architecture and Interior
          Design, HVAC & MEP, Sustainability & Green certification,
          Construction Management and IT Infrastructure &
          Digitisation. IT and Digitisation was just as challenging
          because the need of the hour was to plug-and-play
          futuristic IT technologies in a heritage building redesigned
          with an open-ceiling concept. The TCE-Ecofirst team
          worked with the collective expertise drawn from across the
          Tata Group companies like TCE CIO office, Tata Sons Group
          Digitisation Cell, Tata Elxsi, MPS (Erstwhile Tata Interactive),
          TCS, etc. This led to a network of numerous stakeholders
          involved.  Key features of the IT & Digital transformation in
          Bombay House included:

          †   A Tata Xperience Centre showcasing the story of Tatas
            and Group companies.
          †   All meeting spaces and shared working spaces covered
            by Wifi and IIOT-based devices to provide world-class
            Integrated Communication Technologies (ICT).
          †   Bombay House is a digitally transformed automated
            world with IOT devices and smart technologies using
            sensors, DALLI devices and LUTRON for customisation
            of spaces, indoor temperature, indoor air quality and
            lighting conditions.

          †   A smart integration of the intelligent BMS systems
            on TCS platform to monitor, predict and guide smart
            meters is being incorporated for continuous monitoring
            and improvement.
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