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Cover Story             07

          Open ceiling plan in a heritage

          building with column beam                                  Geek-speak on HVAC

          structure                                                  installations
                                                                        w Use of Magnetic Levitation Chillers with Ultra
                                                                        High Efficiency
          A traditional heritage building comprises of conventional
          beam structures. The architectural design was already         w Primary Variable Pumping system
          envisaged with deep aesthetics in the form. Translating all     w Use of VFDs on Cooling Towers
          this into a functional open ceiling, open office functionality
          with required Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)       w Up gradation to new efficient Cooling Towers
          elements called for more engineering eureka moments.
          Technical solutions had to be tried out ‘virtually’. The      w VFD based AHUs with EC Motors and VAV
          TCE-Ecofirst team have now transferred the entire AS          Controls for air distribution
          BUILD asset of the MEP services as a digital inventory
          using Building Information Modelling (BIM) system and
          REVIT tools. The implication–a digital double of the entire
          building that can be visualised in a simulated environment.
          This mapping of the digitised asset will enable all future
          modifications to be reviewed digitally through simulations
          before implementing changes. This will also speed up the
          process of remodelling in future. Every detail including
          procurement data is captured digitally.

          Heritage building + ECBC super
          building + Green building

          Platinum rating

          High standards for acquiring green building ratings
          are primarily achieved through energy efficiencies and
          innovative HVAC solutions-a combine of electrical and
          mechanical engineering wizardry. Throw in the interior
          aesthetics to challenge this and an open ceiling mandate to
          add cold water to the visual concept. The interior design and
          the technical teams were in a tight knot.

          A vision document, complete with the requisite codes
          and standards as per super efficient HVAC building
          guidelines, was created. Predictive energy modelling using
          advanced tools such as eQuest and Design Builder were
          used. This ensured that the building is compliant with
          Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) 2017 and the
          existing Green Building Platinum rating. The additional
          value engineering provided was an industry first wherein   A very innovative invisible Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV)-
          a measurement and verification protocol was set up   based air distribution system along with Specialised Air
          in accordance with global standards of IPMVP. In plain   Handling Units (AHUs) was recommended for the core
          language, Bombay House has the tools to monitor the   shared spaces and meeting rooms. This ‘invisible’ ducting
          building energy consumption, recalibrate the energy model   was super thin ensuring that the design aesthetics and good
          and check/benchmark the actual energy consumption of   ceiling heights were maintained while providing high end
          the building. These protocols ensure that high efficiencies in   functionality required for a large office space with state-of-
          energy consumption are maintained continuously.     the-art digital facilities.
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