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       Nilesh Rao        Kailash Chandar   Chitranjan Kaushik   Ganesh Sankpal       Rakesh Bhatia     Dhun Udachiya

          Teaming it together

          When the stakes are high, interpersonal relations weave the magic. The transformation of Bombay
          House came to its timely completion, thanks to some key people who were part of the project.
          People responsible for its success and those who supported the endeavour tell their stories behind
          this historic project.


          Nilesh Rao (TCE) and Prashant Salvi (Ecofirst) were responsible for design of IT Infrastructure in association with
          Group Corp IT team, TATA SONS for the two server rooms (On site and Off site) and the Experience Center Server
          room. The server rooms and complete infrastructure is designed with N+1 redundancy equivalent to Tier 2  Level of a
          Modular Data Center with high energy efficiency and low PUE.
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