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 Teaming it together

          Mr. Freddy Talati                    Mr. Chitranjan Kaushik                  Rakesh Bhatia
          Chief Executive Officer, The         Chief Operating Officer,                Bombay House Project Director
          Associated Building Company Ltd.     Ecofirst Services Ltd                   & Sr. VP, Ecofirst Services Ltd.

          The task of the TCE-                 Converting a 90-year                    The Bombay

          Ecofirst team was                    old heritage building                   House 2.0 project
          an unenviable one,                   into a modern,                          presented before
          with unprecedented                   tech-savvy office                       me a quintessential/

          challenges, tough                    space was indeed                        sui generis

          scenarios in managing                a huge digital                          opportunity. It
          contractors and a                    transformation.                         encouraged me
          plethora of vendors                  It required the                         to be a fulcrum

          to be handled. The                   combined might                          between the

          TCE-Ecofirst teams                   of creativity,                          multiple nodes
          worked almost 24/7 to                technology and                          of the project to
          accomplish their task                engineering genius.                     craft a near perfect

          within the stipulated                We were at the edge                     delivery.

          timelines.                           often but I am so
                                               glad to have been
                                               part of this.
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