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          Teaming it together

          Mr. S. Padmanabhan                                          Mr. Amit Sharma
          Chairman, Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd                     MD, Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd
          and Ecofirst Services Ltd

          Bombay House 2.0 is a standing                              This is indeed a prestigious

          example of the passion of so                                and unique project for TCE
          many engineers, designers and                               and Ecofirst. It is a great
          architects.                                                 addition to several first-of-

                                                                      its-kind projects we have
          Converting a heritage building
          into a functional, digitally top-                           managed over time. This

          in-class workspace called for                               paves the way for more

          the convergence of diverse                                  such Heritage Building
          talents. Project management                                 related service solutions.
          consultancy for this project is a                           I am very proud of my teams

          one-of-its kind experience for                              who have put in a stellar

          the TCE-Ecofirst team. It is their                          performance to deliver this
          passion and endurance that                                  project on time.
          made it possible to complete the

          task as per the given stipulations.

          Congratulations to the team.
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