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Technovation             17

          TCE and EGIS team
          Seen in the picture from L to R: Mr. Siddharth Agrawal, TCE, Mr. George Reveiz, EGIS, Mr. Manmohan Soman, TCE, Mr. Mehul Vaidya, EGIS,
          Mr. Kaustabh Tambe, EGIS, Mr. Amit Sharma, MD, TCE, Mr. Sunil Parikh, EGIS, Mr. Shailesh Singh, TCE, Mr. Pramod Bhandari, TCE

          The TCE Story

          TCE scrutinised, vetted and conducted technical studies   and observed that the base had to be raised to higher levels.
          related to wind tunnel test, seismic studies and documents   The design had to be revisited and the base was raised such
          relating to the 182 metres tall Statue of Unity and made   that the statue is able to withstand earthquakes of Group
          recommendation for the architectural, civil, structural   IV category, that is, seven and higher on the Richter scale.
          engineering components of the statue foundation,    Yet another challenge was to ensure safety norms even as
          statue base, statue structure, (concrete and steel) and   construction sequencing methodologies had to be planned
          bronze cladding.                                    and verified. The final requisite was a 100 year-lifespan. This
                                                              was a tall order as the SoU had a very slender base which
          TCE was entrusted with the responsibility of a Proof   implied vulnerability at the ankles. Wind velocity and human
          Consultant in a joint venture with Egis India. The trust placed   load of visitors at the viewing gallery at the chest level had
          on TCE by the project owner implied that TCE had to apply   to be addressed through structural modifications.
          high standards. The task was to ensure the design aesthetics
          are maintained and all criteria are met within requisite safety   This colossal project required a team of engineers’ collective
          standards. The primary challenge was that the statue had   might that could make the project a world-class one,
          a narrow base with the figure’s feet being visible as a base.   delivered within tough timelines. The best design engineers,
          The other statues such as the Buddha, Liberty & Christ the   architects, structural and civil engineers, EPC contractors,
          Redeemer do not have such a narrow base. The client’s task   etc., were drawn from the world’s best in India. Bringing all
          that had to be met, was that the statue should take the   these various companies together through a JV with Egis,
          load of high winds and human load at the same time. The   proposing design changes, reviewing every structural and
          statue also had to be Group IV earthquake resistant. TCE’s   civil aspect, keeping the architectural aesthetics in mind
          engineering experts studied the design and the requirement   were some of the challenges that were managed.
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