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      Prashant Salvi        Padmanabhan             Shraddha Jadhav        Harsh Vikram Singh          Freddy Talati

                            Seen in Picture from L-R:
                            Mr Nilesh Rao, TCE, Mr Kailash Chandar, Ecofirst, Mr Chitranjan Kaushik, COO, Ecofirst, Mr Ganesh Sankpal,
                            Ecofirst, Mr Rakesh Bhatia, Sr. VP, Ecofirst,  Mr Udachiya, The Associate Building Co. Ltd, Mr Prashant Salvi,
                            Ecofirst, Ms. Aishwarya Padmanabhan, Ecofirst, Ms Shraddha Jadhav, Ecofirst, Mr  Harsh Vikram Singh,
                            Ecofirst, Mr Freddy Talati, CEO, The Associate Building Co. Ltd.

                        Overall Program Management

                        Unseen and away from the limelight but making a strong impact in pushing the project to move forward
                        was Seema Kailash from the Group CFO’s office. Seema worked from the front end and the back end,
                        ensuring timely clearances, bringing the various teams together and serving as a ‘go-to’ person for
                        everyone involved in the project. Her support was critical to the timely completion of the project.
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