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MD’s Message             03


          Dear Friends,

          It is time for the curtain-call on 2018 and as always, it has been an eventful
          year.  We paid tribute to the legacy of the Tatas, commemorating 150 years
          of Tata.  Colours of Tata @ TCE was the theme by which we celebrated our
          150 year legacy.

          TCE stood in the spotlight with great improvements in business excellence
          and processes. We were recognized for progressing in our business
          excellence journey in the Tata Business Excellence Model,  with the JRD
          Quality Value (QV) award for having crossed the 500 score milestone.  TCE
          and Ecofirst teams worked together for the modernization of the Tata
          headquarters, Bombay House. Yet another proud moment came when
          the world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity was inaugurated. TCE
          served as a proofing consultant and lived up to the trust placed
          in the Tata name.  All these would not have come to fruition
          if not for the passion and dedication of our people and the
          patronage of our customers.

          We have put together all of the above stories in this edition
          of TCExpression. As we step into the new year, I look forward
          to the continued engagement with our stakeholders. I wish
          you all the very best for the festive season and a Happy
          New Year!

          Amit Sharma
          Managing Director


          03  Reflections                          Technovation         TCE Triumphs         TCE Buzz
             MD’s Message
          04  Cover Story
             I.   Off the Beaten Track
             II.   Teaming it together
          16  Technovation
             Iron man clad in bronze- making of the world’s
             tallest statue                        Project Patchwork    WOW Factor-The Pursuit of Excellenceff the Beaten Track
          20  Corporate Communique
               Celebrating 150 years of Tata’s-
             Vintage Advertisements
             Business Brief
             TCE Triumph
             TCE Buzz
             Project Patchwork                     TCEndeavour
          34  TCEndeavour
             One Tata–Kerala Flood Relief Initiative
             Health Camp in Khoripada
             School on Wheels Program
             Career for night school students

          38  TATA Engage
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