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          Bombay House was inaugurated just

          as planned on the birth anniversary
          of JRD Tata after a 6-month

          renovation. As the reverberations
          of the drilling machines went silent,

          the realisation of the engineering
          solutions in the project sunk in. Here

          is the story of the brass stacks behind
          the creative glamour.

                 he idea of a heritage building and a modern, open
                 office space combine seems like an oxymoron that
                 is a little difficult to picture. Making this into a reality
         Twith incredibly tight schedules is just the tip of the
          iceberg of challenges.  The Project Management Consultancy
          Services (PMC) services for the transformation of Bombay
          House that Tata Consulting Engineers and its subsidiary
          Ecofirst Services undertook is a miracle of sorts. Most heritage
          buildings the world over are modernised to serve as museums,
          exhibition centres etc. But to take on the transformation of
          a heritage building into a fit-for-purpose, fully-functional,
          corporate headquarters, aligned to the benchmarks of the
          Tatas, is indeed a story to be chronicled. The architect’s design
          is a concept; HVAC, MEP, IT, Smart Building are brass stacks
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