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          A normal window custom-designed

          to cut the noise out.

          to stitch up the concept into reality. Net result is a spectrum  Acoustics to shut the din out
          of conflicts that have to be resolved while keeping the
          concept intact. There were many stakeholders, there were   The key requirement here was that the office should cut
          still more on the ground who worked tirelessly to achieve   out the outside noise; a fair request, but for the technical
          what was spelled out to them. Most of all there was one   challenges. The Bombay House location is the busiest
          strong voice that spelt out the vision, showed them the   hub of Mumbai with outside noise levels at 90 decibels
          goal post, kept them going till the task was done. There are   (DB). TCE-Ecofirst combine provided customised solutions
          no guesses here as to whose voice it was!           with smart windows, reducing the noise levels to 38 DB
                                                              which is a Grade A permissible interior norm. A lot of
          The architectural and interior design concept is splendid.   re-engineering was applied here. A Smart window with
          Brass tacking this into a functional office was phenomenal.   a high performance neutral glass with a 5mm-16mm-
          Thus, a work of art has been created! The teams followed   11.72mm section was designed to integrate into the
          the ‘voice’ towards their goal but oblivious of the fact that   Scheuco (German) aluminium sections. The acoustics
          they were creating an almanac of innovative engineering   disruption here was the use of double laminated glass
          solutions. The facility was inaugurated just as planned on   5mm x 2 plus interspacing of 2 (0.76mm ) PVB acoustic
          the birth anniversary of JRD Tata, the 29th of July 2018.    films in the glass section. Efforts also went into the
          The dust has settled down, the drilling machines’   selection of right VLT component of glass. The net result
          reverberations are silent. The realisation of the creative   was noise reduction to 38 DB, reduced heat loads by
          solutions by the team involved in the project came to light.   8%-10% which would reduce energy consumption by air-
          Here is the story of the brass stacks.              conditioning and increased natural lighting.
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