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                                                              Nuclear energy in India

                                                              The mid 60s saw the beginning of a long standing
                                                              and meaningful association with the Department of
                                                              Atomic Energy (DAE), Govt. of India, which has endured
                                                              to this day.

                                                              With the exclusion of India from the 1970 Nuclear
                                                              Non-Proliferation Treaty, the country has powered its
                                                              civilian nuclear power generation program wholly on
                                                              the strength of indigenously developed technology.
                                                              Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) such as Nuclear Power
                                                              Corporation of India, (Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam
                                                              Limited (BHAVINI), Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic
                                                              Research (IGCAR), Uranium Corporation of India (UCI),
                                                              Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), and several
                                                              nuclear power reactors across the country managed
                                                              under the auspices of the DAE built up nuclear power
                                                              generators upto 29 units as on date . These 29 units are
                                                              designed with capacity of 13,620 MW, including both
                                                              installed and under-construction units. Out of this, TCE’s
                                                              involvement to the tune of about 74% of the total nuclear
                                                              power generating capacity is indeed a feat to be proud of.
                                                              The relationships established in the mid 60s continue to
                                                              this day. With the change in project execution philosophy
                                                              adopted by nuclear power establishments, TCE has
                                                              started working with EPC contractors also in recent years.

                                                              Completing the power generation and distribution cycle,
                                                              TCE has engineered substations (both AIS and GIS) and
                                                              transmission lines for all voltage levels from 66 kv to 765 kv
                                                              in the domestic and international markets.

                                                  TCE has helped to contribute about
                                                  74% of India’s nuclear energy
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