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          Sustainable Engineering

          Different times call for different focus. Currently the   costs. A relevant case is that of a thermal power plant that
          focus is on clean energy. With increasing consciousness   could not be commissioned due to a regulatory fall back.
          on safeguarding the environment, countries across the   TCE retrofitted a flue-gas desulphurisation (FGD) system
          globe have come out with stringent regulatory measures   with a unique process, which is now patented. Plant
          to address climate change. The situation today calls for   upgrade and modernisation is a challenging initiative
          renewable energy generation using solar, wind, biomass   and the key to its success is the right technology input.
          and waste to energy projects and TCE is well-leveraging   With simulation application in 3D, 4D and 5D, scenario-
          this opportunity. TCE is also catering to various Original   based planning is possible, making the cost of projects
          Quipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the design of      very manageable. This is the value-added service that TCE
          foundation for wind turbine generators in line with latest   brings, at the end of 56 years of engineering practice!
          regulatory requirements.

           Stringent regulatory measures necessitate aging
          inventories of power plants to take-up modernisation and
          upgrades. Responding to this need, TCE’s service bucket   There is a great responsibility
          includes special services in renovation and modernisation   towards safety and
          and plant life cycle management. TCE has proved to      environmental sustainability.
          its clients that it is possible to upgrade compliance   Responsible engineering is
          standards by retrofitting elements to manage pollution
          with minimal plant down-time and capital expenditure    definitely the core focus for TCE.
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