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            Administrative building design for rocket launch

          Being relevant after 56
          years in the business

          Sustenance in the business of engineering consultancy   application programs, to facilitate computer aided design
          is about being relevant, getting up to speed with new   and engineering in project execution.
          technologies, new processes and new benchmarks in
          engineering, with particular emphasis on health, safety   In the recent years, there has been a great advent in
          and the environment. There is a great responsibility today   engineering design technologies and TCE has invested in
          on safety and environmental sustainability. Responsible   globally renowned application suites and adopted 3D tools,
          engineering is definitely the core focus for TCE.   simulation and walkthroughs to manage the engineering
                                                              complexities. With expertise garnered from mid 60s till
          In the mid 70s & 80s, it was more to do with embracing   date, there has been a greater thrust into safety aspects
          the revolution in information technologies for achieving   with offerings in seismic analysis. TCE is fully conversant
          technical excellence. TCE took a pioneering role from   with seismic codes of various countries such as USA, UK,
          early 70s in developing computer programs to perform   France, Germany, Algeria and Russia and has developed
          various analytical tasks, because such software specific   in-house software for dynamic analysis, which enhances
          to engineering consulting was not readily available. A   the capabilities of commercially available software. Today,
          Research & Development Group located in Bengaluru in   all projects are executed on 3D platforms. Presently, TCE
          late 70s mainly focused on the development of engineering   is among the pioneering engineering consultants with
                                                              capabilities to provide integrated Industry 4.0 solutions
                                                              and Industrial Internet of Things. Increasingly, customers
   TCE is the only engineering                                resort to digitalisation solutions, in the space of process
   consultant in the country                                  engineering for their fully-automated, modernised
                                                              installations. Thus, the gap between hardware and
   presently doing seismic margin                             automated systems is filled in by consultants such as TCE, in

   analysis for nuclear installations                         order to optimise plant operations.
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