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                                       The 150 years of Tata is marked by a
                                       pioneering spirit and a vision for the

                                       nation. TCE is the brain-child of this

                                       pioneering spirit and has evolved as

                                       an entity in the past 56 years.

                                       It is indeed a proud moment for TCE to

                                       have stood by in the nation-building

                                       initiative and an honour to be part of
                                       this great vision of the Tatas. Earmarking

                                       150 years of Tata, we take a nostalgic

                                       trip down memory lane to tell our story

                                       - one so intrinsically linked to the rest of

                                       the Tata family. It is indeed One Tata
                                       and the colours of Tata seamlessly blend

                                       into TCE.
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