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       Nookala Yajnavalkya    Shanmukha Kavya Vedam       D Geethalakshmi
       Upendra Joshi          Anudeep Srivastava

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       Dear Readers,
       This is a special commemorative issue dedicated to 150 years of Tata.
       We at TCE are indeed proud of our parentage and look forward to contributing to the growth
       of the Group in the coming years. In this year of celebrations, we carry the message of pride
       and ownership to this illustrious name. I am happy to showcase the same in this issue of
       TCExpression. We look forward to your feedback.
       Mallika Sriraman

                                                                                                                  For restricted circulation

                                                                                      Volume 56, Issue 1 - June 2018
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