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              n the post independence era, the idea of engineering
              consultancy services was unheard of in the Indian
              subcontinent. There was a great deal of dependence
         Ion foreign technology, licence partners and foreign
          collaborations. The need for India to develop indigenous
          technologies was important and the favourable industrial
          scenario was very encouraging for Indian businesses. Energy
          was the need of the hour as it was the key to jumpstart growth
          and boost the manufacturing sectors. In this climate, the Tatas,
          pioneered the concept of a consulting company for the energy
          sector. In 1956-60 when the Trombay 62.5 MW Unit 3 project was
          being implemented with technology support from overseas,
          the idea of an indigenous engineering consultancy took roots.
          In April 1962, when the 150 MW Unit 4 in the Trombay power
          plant was planned, the birth of a consultancy firm, Tata-Ebasco,
          took place. This was a partnership between Ebasco Services, New
          York, USA and Tata Electric Companies. The idea was to design
          the Trombay Unit 4 in-house with limited foreign consultancy in
          specific areas. This was the start-up of the 60s which later
          became a division of Tata Sons and evolved into an entity that is
          TCE today. Tata-Ebasco, with an engineering team that was picked
          from the original team that worked on the Trombay project,
          went on to deliver several power projects for public utilities
          as well as for private enterprises. At the same time TCE started
          diversifying its business to other sectors with assignments from
          Richardson-Hindustan (now Procter & Gamble), Tata-Fison (now
          Rallis India), Shriram Fertilizers & Chemicals, Modi Rubber Ltd, etc.
          to name a few.

          Carving a niche in the

          Energy Sector

          Starting from engineering for the Trombay Unit 4 power
          plant, TCE has continuously engaged in power plant design
          & engineering and evolved as a premier consulting firm
          encompassing all forms of power generation (thermal, hydro,
          nuclear and renewable), transmission and distribution as well as
          in opex sectors.

          The customer base in power sector expanded from domestic to
          global and varied from Owners to EPC contractors to Lenders,
          and ranging from government customers to private customers.
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