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Chairman’s Note           13

 - an integral part of

 Tata Group’s rich heritage

 - S. Padmanabhan, Chairman, TCE

         Integral to the rich heritage of the Tatas, is the success
         stories of many Tata companies. TCE, as an organisation
         has played an important role in the evolution of many of
         the Tata companies. TCE is indeed an amalgam of the Tata
         Group, as the company has evolved under the stewardship
         of many iconic men from Tata’s pioneering organisations.
         Dr H N Sethna and Sumant Moolgaonkar, recipients of the
         Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhusan respectively, were
         among the early Chairmen of the Executive Committee
         at TCE in its early days. Other illustrious Chairmen
         who contributed to TCE’s success were K C Bhakle, P M
         Agerwala, K M Chinnapa (Vice Chairman), Syamal Gupta
         and Prasad Menon, who held various leadership positions
         in multiple Tata Companies, nurturing TCE in its evolution
         process. The company owes its success to these people.
         Tata Consulting Engineers is an intrinsic part of the Tata
         Group posting continuous profits. The company certainly
         had its down times. However, considering the cyclical
         nature of the consulting business, largely dependent
         on the investment climate, TCE has bounced back, time
         and again to leap forward, adopting new technologies.
         In today’s context, where the engineering consultancy
         business is going through a transformation, it is important
         for TCE to embark on new avenues for growth. The
         company is geared to Industry 4.0 solutions, the Industrial
         Internet of Things and new delivery models. This is the
         value addition and differentiator that the company brings   Mr. S. Padmanabhan, Chairman, TCE
         to its customers.
         “Add value to your men and value-addition to your product   TCE has always adopted new technologies to stay relevant
         will take care of itself” - Mr Moolgaonkar is quoted in   in changing times. This is perhaps the secret of the
         economist D R Pendse’s book ‘Giants by Any Measures:   company’s sustenance through 56 years. I envisage TCE
         Sumant Moolgaonkar and J.R.D.’ These words of        leveraging new opportunities in India and globally. TCE has
         Mr. Moolgaonkar still hold relevance. TCE has the greatest   unique strengths and I will be happy to see TCE engage
         congregation of engineering talent, bringing in unique   with the Tata fraternity. The future path for TCE lies in
         skills required to manage the company’s diversified   acquiring new opportunities and working alongside
         offerings. TCE being a knowledge-based company,      Tata Group companies to contribute to the growth of the
         nurturing people and retraining talent will be the mantra   Tata Group.
         for success, going forward.
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