Power Generation Facilities for a Remote Island

Providing reliable power to a remote Island in the midst of ocean is always a challenge because of its geographical location. The challenge becomes manifold if the island is a tourist paradise that demands pollution free, stable and reliable power supply all through the year without compromising on natural scenic beauty of the area. Lack of any conventional fuel source other than plenty of sunshine and wind is an additional constraint.

When TCE was entrusted with this challenging task of finding a right solution of power supply that is technically feasible, reliable, economical and above all blend with the nature, it draws upon the vast knowledge and experience of being in the power business of more than five decades and evolved a systematic approach to arrive at the most optimum solution to generate power keeping in mind the issues regarding fuel supply, location & type of power plant including renewable, aesthetics and all other aspects that are needed for such complex studies.

All technically feasible options of generating power including renewable and conventional fuel, i.e., oil and gas are studied. In addition as the foremost criteria for the plant to be located in such a sensitive place was not to create any eyesore with tall chimneys fuming plant exhaust gases. Offshore plant such as integrated Power & Floating LNG storage and regasification units (FSRUs) and barge mounted power plant have also been considered for study.

To summarise, options considered for fuel, plant type and plant location are as follows:

Fuel type: Gas, light oil, heavy oil, renewable (solar & wind)

Plant type: Gas engine, diesel engine, gas turbine (both in simple cycle and combined cycle mode as applicable), PV solar and wind turbines

Plant location: On shore and off shore including integrated FSRU & Power plant and oil fired barge mounted plant

All possible combinations of fuel type, plant type and plant location have been considered and  studied to check techno-economic feasibility giving due priority to operation & maintenance aspects as the plant to be located in an isolated island far away from countries of major equipment suppliers.

Successful completion of a techno-economic study of such complex nature with multiple options amply demonstrates TCE’s expertise in power business.


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