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TCE Buzz              19

          TCE participated in Global Exhibition of Services 2019

              hief Technology Officer, TCE Dr Rajashekhar Malur
         Cmoderated Session 5: Engineering and Construction
          Services - Next Growth Engine for Indian Exports at
          the Global Exhibition on Services (GES) 2019. This
          session discussed: • The Niche areas of Engineering
          and construction services and their export potential
          • India’s performance in Engineering/Construction
          consultancy and ER&D services • Digitalisation, Emerging
          Technologies, Innovation & India • Domain expertise,
          skillsets and training capabilities for engineering &
          construction professionals in India • Initiatives undertaken
          by the government to promote skilling and training
          of engineering & construction professionals. India has
          already demonstrated its potential in engineering goods   from $1.004 billion in 2012 to $2.256 billion in 2018.
          to the world. Time has come to leverage its expertise   NASSCOM says that the revenues of major Indian IT
          in engineering services. According to the Ministry   companies from Engineering Consultancy have grown
          of Commerce and Industry, Government of India,      much faster (more than double) as compared to a
          construction services exports from India have gone up   traditional software services business.

          TCE sponsored PLASMA 2019                           TCE participated in PowerGen 2019

          Conference @ Chennai                                @ Paris

                                                                  ata Consulting Engineers participated in the Power
                                                              TGen Europe held during 12  - 14  Nov 2019.

             CE sponsored the 34  National Symposium on
         TPlasma Science & Technology - PLASMA2019 in
          Chennai. Dr Bhadhuri - Director IGCAR spent some time to
          understand our Cryogenics Projects.

          TCE participated in 3  annual conference on flue gas desulphurisation
             he India Infrastructure publishing (Powerline    address focused on the consultant’s outlook on the
         TMagazine) invited Mr Anmoy Kumar, Project Manager   Implementation of FGD based on revised Emission
          & Team Lead (Environmental Sustainability Solution)   norms of MOEF & CC applicable for Coal-Fired Thermal
          and Mr Nilesh Mohite, Manager Business Development,   power plants in India. The conference saw participation
          as keynote speakers at the third annual conference   from CEA, MOEF, Major Power plant owners like NTPC &
          2019 on “Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) Systems”   Tata Power, International OEMs/suppliers for FGD and
          held at New Delhi on 20th November 2019. The keynote   Consultants.
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