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          2  Annual Conference of Water Network Management, Delhi
                                                                ndian Infrastructure and Smart Utilities magazine
                                                              Iorganised their second annual conference on “Water
                                                              Network Management: Minimising Non-Revenue Water
                                                              (NRW); Improving Service Delivery” at The Lalit, New Delhi.

                                                              The theme of this conference was to examine the state
                                                              of water network management in Indian cities with a
                                                              focus on strategies and solutions for minimising NRW and
                                                              improving service delivery. The conference mainly focused
                                                              on noteworthy initiatives / best practices, upcoming
                                                              opportunities, key challenges and the latest technologies
                                                              and equipment.

                                                              Mr Bipin Bihari Singh and Mr Suvash Deo Bhatt both from
                                                              TCE, Infrastructure attended the conference.

          TCE at the 9  edition of Vibrant Gujarat Exhibition, Gandhinagar

             CE participated at the 9  edition of Vibrant Gujarat   2019, the theme for the summit was 'Shaping of a New
         Texhibition held at Gandhinagar showcasing some      India'.
          of its key projects running in Gujarat. The show saw
          many Tata brands coming together under the ‘One Tata’   Key persons who visited our pavilion included Tata Sons
          concept.  Vibrant Gujarat is a biennial investors' summit   Chairman Mr N Chandrasekaran; Reliance Industries
          held by the Government of Gujarat. The event aims to   Chairman & Managing Director Mr Mukesh Ambani;
          bring together business leaders, investors, corporations,   Mr Ishwarbhai M. Bhavsar, Chairman, GEDA; Mr R.
          thought leaders, policy and opinion-makers. The summit   Mukundan, MD and CEO, Tata Chemicals; and Mr Raj
          as a platform to understand and explore business    Gopal who is additional chief secretary of Energy &
          opportunities in Gujarat. Held from 18  to 20  January   Petrochemicals, Gujarat.
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