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          water supply and treating waste but also include reducing   All these private-sector thermal power plants are now on
          emissions to enhance the quality of air and enhance   their way to retrofitting air pollution control technologies
          environmental sustainability, given that India has seven of   in their existing units, which will help India move closer
          the ten most polluted cities in the world.          to achieving its ratified international commitments on
                                                              harmful greenhouse gases under the Paris Agreement
          After setting up a high-tech continuous emission    on Climate Change. TCE’s new FGD technology
          monitoring system at Tata Steel’s Jamshedpur plant in   implementation in the power plants will also promote
          2011, TCE has now undertaken a massive exercise to   sustainable development since the plants can convert
          retrofit multi-pollutant control systems in over 32 coal-  their emissions into by-products such as gypsum and
          based thermal plants with a cumulative capacity of over   ammonium sulphate.
          41 GW, across India. Coal-based energy is one of the
          biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in India.   Renewing urban infrastructure
          This is the first exercise of its kind in the country and will   According to the UN, some 5 billion people will reside
          enable the plants to reduce their sulphur dioxide, nitrogen   in cities by 2030. This calls for efficient urban planning
          dioxide and suspended particulate matter (SPM) emissions   and management to tackle the challenges brought by
          in line with the new environmental norms of the Ministry   urbanisation. It also entails providing adequate urban
          of Environment & Forests (MOEF).                    infrastructure to promote sustainable development. Yet,
                                                              India’s urban infrastructure is woefully stretched in every
          TCE has helped the ministry draft new environmental   aspect.
          norms for thermal power plants and also sensitised the
          generators on the need to implement the retrofit systems,   TCE has, over the years, taken up numerous urban
          besides innovating on new methodologies for estimating   infrastructure projects to promote sustainable
          flue gas emissions and recommending appropriate flue   development. For instance, the Sursagar lake in the heart
          gas desulphurisation (FGD) technologies.            of Bikaner was highly polluted because of an unplanned
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