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                                                              be disposed in a scientific way. Solid Waste Management
           BAPL — A ‘sustainable’                             (SWM) Rules 2016 promote the use of incineration
           success story                                      technology to dispose of municipal solid waste.

           Indian cities are sorely lacking when it comes to water   TCE has designed the first waste-to-energy (WtE) project
           and wastewater management. While demand is rising,   in Mumbai, which will come up at the Deonar landfill run
           potable water sources are finite and located far away   by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).
           from the cities, necessitating large capital investment.   The WtE plant, which will process 600 TPD of MSW, is
           On the other hand, unplanned disposal of wastewater   unique given that the Deonar site is located close to
           has led to severe contamination of groundwater and   high-density human habitation and hence requires high
           surface water bodies.                              environmental and social sensitivities, apart from meeting
                                                              regulatory requirements for waste disposal. Thus, TCE’s
           Sustainable development is thus the need of the    design entails very high levels of emission controls
           hour. TCE has shown the way here with its integrated   and monitoring.
           water supply, sewerage and stormwater management
           plan for a 1,700-acre township set up by Bengal    The plant is based on incineration technology, which
           Aerotropolis Pvt Ltd (BAPL) near Durgapur in West   reduces solid waste volume by about 90%, thus reducing
           Bengal. This has not only made the township’s water   the land required for disposing of MSW. Besides, harmful
           resources sustainable but also resulted in Rs 17.6   greenhouse gases generated from unscientific dumping
           crore of savings in capital costs that would have been   are eliminated and the leachate is also treated and reused
           otherwise required for creating new water assets.  in the plant.

           The project is at various stages of construction but   TCE has also used its engineering expertise to overcome
           has already delivered huge benefits. Since the existing   other challenges at Deonar. For instance, it has carved
           water sources were insufficient to meet the BAPL   out the WtE plant’s site outside the Coastal Regulation
           township’s demand and huge investments would       Zone area on which a large part of the landfill site
           have been needed for a new water system from the   falls, to overcome developmental restrictions. It has
           river source, TCE proposed the use of fresh water for   also mastered the technological constraints posed by
           potable use and treated sewage for non-potable use.   the existing dumpsite in laying the foundation and
           This has brought down the township’s overall water   constructing the plant.
           demand by 57% and reduced the water requirement
           from fresh water sources. What’s more, the complete   TCE has completed a detailed project report and tender
           reuse of treated sewage water also means there’s zero   documents for the Deonar WtE plant and expects MCGM
           discharge today.                                   to award the work to the successful bidder soon.

           That’s not all. The township will also harvest 800   Meanwhile, the company is on track to complete a Rs
           million litres of rainwater with TCE’s storm water   280-crore WtE plant with a capacity to process 1200 TPD
           management plan, which includes the preservation   waste and generate 15 MW power in Vishakhapatnam
           of 22 existing lakes, digging of new wells and de-  for the Swachh Andhra Corporation. TCE is the
           bottlenecking the Tamla Nallah. This will, in turn,   independent engineer for the plant, which will cater to
           recharge ground water resources. Thus, with TCE’s   the requirements of 110 urban local bodies, including
           expertise, sustainable development is no longer a   13 municipal corporations and 17 municipal councils, in
           pipedream for the BAPL township today.             Andhra Pradesh. Around 80% of the project is already
                                                              complete, and the plant is scheduled for commercial
                                                              operation by June 2020.
                 Concept for Water Management

                                DEmAND                        Every drop counts
                                                              The recent water crisis faced by cities like Johannesburg
              PoTABLE                              NoN-
                                                  PoTABLE     and Chennai is only a harbinger of the water woes that
                                  USE &                       human habitations across the globe are expected to face,
                                                              going forward. Hence, the UN’s SDG of clean water and
                                                              sanitation assumes critical importance.
                  Rainwater    WASTE
                  Harvesting   WATER

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