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                                               Dear Friends,

                                               2019 is behind us. It is the end of a decade, and we cannot close without
                                               reminding ourselves of what we achieved over the years. It fills me with great
                                               pride to share in 2019’s last edition of TCExpression some of the successes over
                                               the past decade, which showcase TCE’s cutting-edge operational capabilities and
                                               innovation prowess. We took part in the TBEM Assessment 2019 and were assessed
                                               as ‘Emerging Industry Leaders’ after crossing over to the 551-650 band. Last year,
                                               TCE moved up in rank in the ENR Top 225 International Design Firms to 127.

                                               In the past decade, we got the opportunity to associate with the tallest statue in the
                                               world as engineering review consultants of the 182-metre-tall Statue of Unity. The
                                               success of ISRO GSLV launch, with TCE as a partner in design and engineering of the
                                               launch vehicle platform, was another enviable feat. TCE is proudly associated with
                                               ITER the world’s massive fusion experiment with a collaboration involving thirty-
                                               five nations. Fifty of our young and bright minds are working on the project.

                                               TCE expanded its footprint in the Middle East with the setting up of an office in
                                               Saudi Arabia and signing of an MoU with Saudi Aramco for various identified
                                               areas such as Power, Digitisation, Smart Cities, Energy Management, Water and
                                               Environment, etc.

                                               In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, TCE engaged in a variety
                                               of sustainability-driven projects — from waste management and sewerage
                                               treatment to smart cities and renewal of urban infrastructure — across the
                                               country. We now have a fair share in the development of infrastructure in India
                                               with 14 Smart Cities, 50 Amrut Cities, millions of metres of piping, multiple GWs
                                               of power generation, millions of litres of water and wastewater management, etc.
                                               Bagging Agra Metro rail project was not only a win of a project but the successful
                                               start of a new sector.

                                               TCE, in FY19, achieved Rs1000-crore+ business acquisitions, and Rs100-crore+
                                               PBT, bringing us closer to our target of crossing Rs1000-crore+ in revenues in the
                                               coming years.

                                               Behind all our success is the hard work and commitment of each one of you at
                                               TCE, and the trust and patronage of our customers. I hope these and many more
                                               such stories featured in this edition of TCExpression will inspire us to do better
                                               and aim higher as we engage with our stakeholders in 2020.

                                               I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!

                                               amit sharma
                                               Managing Director

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