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          Saving the


          one project

          at a time

          Sustainability is no longer
          a wishful endeavour but an

          imperative for the world we live

          in today. As countries globally

          work purposefully towards

          meeting the UN Sustainable
          Development Goals (SDGs),

          Tata Consulting Engineers

          (TCE) is doing its bit through
          sustainability projects that

          make a difference

                he clock is ticking as the world grapples with a host of
                challenges, from climate change and growing hunger
         Tand poverty to rising inequality and insufficient
          access to energy, education and justice. As with all life on the
          planet, these issues of sustainable development too are inter-

          Economic growth must be accompanied by efforts to end
          poverty, and strategies to address the social needs of health,
          education and jobs as also human rights. Development needs
          to be more equitable. And it ought to go hand-in-hand with
          the protection of the environment, given the far-reaching
          impact of climate change and pollution on global hunger,
          health and livelihoods.
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