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          TCE Buzz

         TCE’s four articles published in the View Point, March 2019 edition

                                                                  he March 2019 issue of Viewpoint
                                                              Tmagazine carried four essays
                                                              written by TCE executives. Mr Dilip
                                                              Sonwane (Infrastructure), Mr Ramesh
                                                              Dahapute (Infrastructure), Mr Manos De
                                                              (Technology),  Mr Vicky Vivek (Mining &
                                                              Metals), Mr K Jayaprakash (Technology),
                                                              Mr M Sathish Rao (Program Management)
                                                              and Mr Abhishek Gaurav (Program
                                                              Management) authored the four articles.

          51  Indian Water Works Association Annual Convention 2019, Indore

           ndian Water Works Association (IWWA) organised 51st   water supply system involves a large initial capital outlay
         IAnnual Conference titled “Water Sector Infrastructure:   with maximum cost towards pipeline works. Hence,
          Evaluation and Development” at Indore in January 2019.    optimising the pipeline diameter is critical during the
          The convention had several activities around the theme   planning & design stage. He discussed the various hydraulic
          with participation by members of IWWA and professionals   equations like Hazen-Williams, Darcy-Weisbach, Colebrook-
          from Central, State Government Departments, Water    White Equation, Modified Hazen-Williams (MHW) Equation
          Utilities, Teaching, Training, Research institutions and   and their merits and demerits and their applications. The
          International (AWWA, JICA) delegates.                Darcy’s equation, in conjunction with Colebrook White, gives
                                                               the most accurate results. He emphasised the use of Darcy’s
          Mr Dilip Sonwane delivered a lecture on “Optimization of   equation and appealed to Water Industry Experts and
          Trunk Water Network using Colebrook White Equation”. A   Suppliers to use Darcy’s equation instead of Hazen William’s.
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