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            Inauguration of new 425-seater delivery centre, Navi Mumbai

                CE is expanding
            Tits wings. On
            12  July, Mr Ashok
            Sethi, Chairman TCE
            along with the MD,
            Mr Amit Sharma
            inaugurated its new
            facility. This new wing
            will accommodate 425
            more employees and
            is designed keeping
            an open structure,
            doing away with
            any hierarchy based

            The event began
            with a formal ribbon-
            cutting ceremony
            followed by a facility
            tour, lamp lighting
            and keynote address.

          3  IoT & Embedded Tech India expo at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
                                                                                             r Rajashekhar
                                                                                        DR Malur, Chief
                                                                                        Technology Officer, TCE
                                                                                        represented the company
                                                                                        at the 3  IoT & Embedded
                                                                                        Tech India expo CXO
                                                                                        forum held at Pragati
                                                                                        Maidan in New Delhi.

                                                                                        The topic for the
                                                                                        discussion was Industry
                                                                                        4.0: Innovation through
                                                                                        digital collaboration.
                                                                                        The key points discussed
                                                                                        during the forum
                                                                                        were: concept to the
                                                                                        implementation phase,
                                                                                        robotics & automation
                                                                                        and impact of industry
                                                                                        4.0 on the economy
                                                                                        and the manufacturing
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