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Corporate Communique          21

          2X100TPH CDQ for coke oven battery#10 &11 and 40MW captive
          power plant, Jamshedpur

              CE is involved in the conceptualisation and
         T finalisation of a scheme including the feasibility
          of location for all units of CDQ facilities and Power
          Plant. TCE is also responsible for preparation of detail
          design and drawings based on assignment drawings
          and load data received from package vendors for
          balance plant areas. TCE is also providing Engineering
          services for Interfacing between coke oven battery
          10 & 11, DM Water Plant, TG Unit, MRSS, LDC, EMC,
          utilities (clarified & cooling water, compressor air,
          instrument air etc.) and the proposed CDQ units and
          the Power Plant. The scope of the project includes
          the selection of technology supplier, package
          vendors, review of various drawings in respect to
          safety aspects related to PSRM & PSSR and project
          management consultancy services from inspection,
          project & cost management and supervision of site
          activities leading to contract closure.

          Third MTPA copper concentrator plant, Malanjkhand

              resently, 2 MTPA Copper Concentrator Plants are in   TCE has been appointed as a consultant for procurement
         P Malanjkhand, Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh.   support starting from the initial study, system design and
          The company is planning to set up a 3  new MTPA Copper   engaging contractor for setting up this stand-alone 3rd
          Concentrator plant at the same location.            MTPA copper concentrator plant.
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