SMART Pole @ Road Junctions -Security and Revenue Generating Opportunities

SMART city is an emerging and fast growing infrastructure sector initiative by Government of India in collaboration with Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). Primary goal of SMART city mission is to improve livability index of citizens in terms of ensuring HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) standards, balanced supply and demand of utilities, public security, digital connectivity, information exchange, seamless and safe transportation, ease of governance, etc. through a combination of various sensors, IOT devices, data transmission media and analytics.
In any city or town, the road junction is a location where two or more roads join together in terms of commutation connectivity. According to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India (GoI) press release, approximately 35 to 40% of total accidents take place at traffic junctions. GoI targets to reduce the loss of lives and assets in road accidents through adopting new technology apart from creating road safety awareness, education and law enforcement.

Major road safety concerns and security lapses at junctions are as follows:

  1. Over-speeding vehicles
  2. Signal/ white line violation
  3. Signals non-functioning
  4. Wrong direction/ side or counter-flow driving
  5. Free left violation
  6. Absence of speed retarding devices/ mechanism
  7. Absence of zebra crossings
  8. Absence of foot-over bridge/ underpass
  9. Absence of on-duty traffic police personnel
  10. Haphazard parking
  11. Lane cutting without proper signalling
  12. Road blocks during agitations or by miscreants
  13. Illegal hoardings blocking drivers’ vision
  14. Bringing down of overhead electrical cables due to extra heighted trailers
  15. Illegal processions with large uncontrolled crowds
  16. Highly polluted areas due to repeated traffic congestions

Considering aforesaid threats, the major road junctions can be equipped with a SMART POLE that caters mounting of various sensors, devices, transceivers, equipment vertically at single place. SMART means Sensing, Monitoring, Analysing and Remote Transmission with wired or wireless connectivity to City Control and Command Centre (C4). This smart poles can minimise the above mentioned threats to a great extent.

Smart pole design can be a customised according to the need of sensing, monitoring required at the particular junction. Smart pole may be comprised of following sensors, devices, equipment and their functions with resultant factors:

Sr. No.

Sensors/ devices/ equipment

Functions Resultant factors
1. Fixed and PTZ CCTV cameras      for      city surveillance system Citizen safety, law and order situations monitoring. Improved life security and important assets safety.
2. Fixed CCTV cameras for                   Automatic Number              Plate Reading        (ANPR), Red Light Violation Detection        (RLVD) and      detect      other offences/ violations Vehicular road and traffic rules violation        monitoring        and evidence data based e-challan generation. Detecting      offences     namely mobile    phone     usage     while driving, no helmet while biking, littering/      spitting      at      traffic signals, smoking/ drinking while driving, no seatbelt fastened while driving, etc. Though                  evidence supported      e-challan,      it reduces efforts in manual offence detection further time                    consuming procedures       to       collect penalties. Prohibits revenue leakage and increases transparent revenue collection.
3. Fixed and PTZ CCTV cameras                 for Intelligent          Traffic Management System (ITMS) Traffic sensing, vehicles density analyse and adaptive control technique. Optimised traffic control and          avoid             situational based congestions. On-duty      traffic      police personnel safety.
4. Traffic signals For traffic control based on ITMS       inputs       and       safe pedestrian                   crossings management. Reduce       extra        poles required for traffic signals mounting        if        suitably mounted on smart pole.
5. Environmental sensor to measure SO2, NO2, CO, O2, PM2.5, PM10, Noise To keep vigil on air polluting gases, elements and send data at      regular      intervals      with emergency notifications to C4. Environmental        livability index and air quality index to         take          corrective measures      on      pollution


Sensors/ devices/


Functions Resultant factors
and        Lux       level, temperature, humidity, etc. control.
6. Mobile signal booster Mobile signal enhancing. Revenue            generating opportunity      based       on competitive rates offered by         mobile         service providers.
7. Network switches for OFC       and       other systems Connectivity to C4 through patching optical fiber cables to fiber enabled network switches. City wide OFC network formation        for       digital information       flow       and exchange with C4.
8. City    Wi-Fi     Access

Point (AP) for digital connectivity

Backhaul/ repeaters for Wi-Fi

networks and internet access.

Revenue            generating

opportunity based on paid Wi-Fi services to citizens, visitors.

9. Intelligent LED street light     controller     for energy optimisation Automatic ON-OFF, dimming of street lights      according     to daylight. Energy     saving     through Electrical                  current consumption.
10. Panic/       emergency response switch with image capturing and call-back system First and immediate channel for citizens to contact C4 located city    call     centre     for     help/ assistance in emergency. Citizens’ connectivity with local         safety,         utility authorities.
11. Electric            vehicle charging           station (especially      for      e-bikes) Considering promotion of e-vehicles, battery charging with nominal fees. Emergency     or      routine charging station on road for e-vehicles.
12. Public            address system Addressing,                 delivering directives to citizens in planned/ emergency situations. Audio advertisement in normal situations. Reaching large sets of people     through     C4    in emergency situations to assure safety. Revenue            generating opportunity based on paid announcement services to


Sensors/ devices/


Functions Resultant factors
event      organisers       and traders.
13. Digitally       controlled variable      messages display              board/ billboard For     events,     functions,     city information        and        traders’ advertisements. Revenue            generating opportunity based on paid services          to          event organisers and traders.
14. Stationary        display

board for advertising

For     events,     functions,     city

information        and        traders’ advertisements                 (small durations).

Revenue            generating

opportunity based on paid services          to          event organisers and traders.

15. City information kiosk (optional) Digital information interface for citizens (local & visitors). Ease of information flow from       government       to citizens. Ready information on fingertips.
16. Solar power supply Solar powered supply for pole mounted lower consumption electrical services as well as in emergency. Assuring         uninterrupted electricity supply to assure services functioning during loss of normal power feed.

To offer best livability to citizens while driving SMART city mission, the ULBs have many challenges to generate, collect revenue towards services provisions, system functioning, operation and maintenance (O&M) and fund raising for future developmental plans. The above mentioned features of smart pole can generate huge revenue on continuous basis for the ULBs. The implementation strategy may vary from city to city as required.

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