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A decorative paint plant for one of the largest paint manufacturer in the country

A decorative paint plant for one of the largest paint manufacturer in the country

Enabling Cancer Treatment and Research in the East

Enabling Cancer Treatment and Research in the East

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Engineering a tech-city of the future

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Coal to Liquid Fuel

Coal is primarily used as fuel in power generation. However, coal can also be used as an alternate source for making liquid fuels. Recent advancements in technology have successfully demonstrated the conversion of coal into liquid fuels and many other useful chemicals. CTL (Coal to liquid) technology can be considered an alternate source of crude oil or natural gas in producing liquid fuels. The fuels made from coal are cleaner than the fuels made using crude oil due to the process schemes.



Welcome to TCETechSpeak - The official blog of Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE)

This is an open forum to exchange technology-related ideas and thoughts, discuss challenges and share knowledge on a host of topics that is relevant to the field of engineering. Our technology experts have helped to compile engineering-specific topics. We solicit your valuable inputs relevant to ...

Case Studies

Case Study

Resource conservation in the infrastructure planning of an Aerotropolis township


Technical Publication

Technical Publication

Energy Audit and benchmarking for energy saving in process and equipment operation


Energy cost is one of the key parameters of operating cost for most of the Industries. Hence, reduction in energy consumption (electrical, thermal – steam, waste heat or in any other form) always helps in business sustenance and growth.

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