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A decorative paint plant for one of the largest paint manufacturer in the country

A decorative paint plant for one of the largest paint manufacturer in the country

Enabling Cancer Treatment and Research in the East

Enabling Cancer Treatment and Research in the East

Engineering a tech-city of the future

Engineering a tech-city of the future

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Green Hydrogen for Steel Industry

Currently, the iron and steel industries face many challenges to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously. The objectives include: - Maintaining high product quality - Boosting productivity - Reducing costs - Reducing energy consumption - Mitigating environmental emissions. In this whitepaper, the focus is on decarbonisation approaches to the iron and steel production process, maintaining product quality, enhancing productivity, and reducing costs and energy consumption.



Submarine Cable – A Critical Component of Offshore Wind Project

Submarine cable for offshore wind projects comprises array and export cables. Array cables are formed by strings of cables which connect wind turbine generators to a power collection point. Export cables connect offshore substations with onshore substations to evacuate wind energy to the utility gri...

Case Studies

Case Study

SIL Assessment in Combined Cycle Power Plant – Case Study

SIL study is usual practice in the Chemical and Oil & Gas industries. Nowadays, SIL studies are being applied to power plants by Owners. IEC 61511 standard requires a safety life cycle (divided into three phases analysis phase, implementation phase and Operation/ Maintenance phase).


Technical Publication

Technical Publication

Energy Transition – Role of Private Sector in growth of Nuclear Power in India

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