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A decorative paint plant for one of the largest paint manufacturer in the country

A decorative paint plant for one of the largest paint manufacturer in the country

Enabling Cancer Treatment and Research in the East

Enabling Cancer Treatment and Research in the East

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Engineering a tech-city of the future

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Energy Storage Systems

Considering the variability of renewable energy generation from principal sources like wind and solar, energy supply reliability would heavily depend on ESS to store surplus energy for later use when demand exceeds the generation. Thus, ESS would be a significant enabler for an energy transition from predominantly non-renewable sources to renewable sources. This white paper aims to evaluate various energy storage system (ESS) technologies that are feasible today for large-scale deployment and deliberate on a techno-economic comparison of these technologies.



Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier

Hydrogen is considered a clean energy carrier; however, it has low density at ambient conditions, making its storage a challenging task.  Several technological options are being considered for hydrogen energy storage. The possibilities for hydrogen storage mainly include

  1. Physical stora...

Case Studies

Case Study

Asset Information Management System for IOCL Refineries Division

IndianOil (IOCL) is a diversified, integrated energy major with a presence in almost all the streams of oil, gas, petrochemicals and alternative energy sources. The company entrusted TCE with developing and supplying a turnkey Electronic Asset Information Management System (AIMS) for ten sites of the IOCL Refineries Division.


Technical Publication

Technical Publication

Hydrogen to Accelerate Energy Transition for a Better Tomorrow

Hydrogen is being seen as playing a major role in energy transition as a long-term strategy to decrease the emissions from fossil fuels and also help to achieve industrial ambitions. It is therefore beginning to receive enormous attention and acceptance as an energy carrier and a carbon-free solution for different sectors. This paper focuses on the background and the present status of hydrogen production technology and their readiness level and a preliminary cost analysis.