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Digital and Advanced Technologies

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The convergence of information technology, engineering and manufacturing with the ‘Industrial Internet of things’ is redefining the traditional capital project and operational sustenance activities of our clients.

In the changing landscape, customers increasingly require short project cycles, value additions and cost efficiencies. There is also a need for both Capex an Opex related services with a focus on asset sweating. Clients require us to partner them in driving their optimisation programs.

Tata Consulting Engineers is geared to provide integrated engineering consultancy services using high-end digital engineering suites. New digital tools converge with the engineering domain expertise to offer a new line of services that provides incredible value to customers.

Multi-dimensional digital engineering suites are now prevalent for integrated plant design, buildings, urban planning and complex infrastructure projects such as Nuclear Plants, Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Water Distribution Systems, Waste Management Systems, Towns, Hospitals, Buildings and Smart Cities.


being offered


projects across
55 countries


We enable engineering transformation with 3D,4D, 5D enabled Digital
& Advanced Technologies and plant engineering solutions.

Digital Services

  • 3D Modelling
  • Asset Digitisation
  • Engineering IT Services
  • 4D Simulation
  • BIM
  • IIoT
  • Digital Point Solutions

Product Engineering

  • New Machine Development
  • Machine Localisation
  • Machine Component Development
  • Design Validation
  • FE Analysis
  • Special Projects


We have multi-disciplinary talented pools of specialist engineers who are equipped with digital tools to provide cutting-edge technology-enabled engineering services.

Our delivery models are flexible and fashioned to clients’ unique needs. We deliver services through a combine of – Dedicated engineering centers for large scale delivery Virtual delivery systems On-site and off-site combine to converge multi-disciplinary talent Cost efficiencies resulting from digitally-enabled engineering solutions

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