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Integrated project management consultancy services through the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Business Unit (BU). ‘Integrated’ takes an all-new meaning for TCE’s PMC BU. We look at project management and construction management solutions in totality, integrating with engineering and procurement skills.

PMC is a disruptive offering from TCE providing the much-needed transparency, ethics and values bundled with structure and professionalism, the market requires.

We have the expertise ranging from architectural engineering, basic engineering, detailed engineering, project management and construction management. We take our holistic solutions a step further by extending our services through the entire asset life-cycle by offering opex services management.

From the simplest of projects to the most complex such as extensive nuclear energy facilities, we have proved our might as the country’s top-notch PMC service providers. Our diverse capabilities endorsed with high ethical practices and international standards in safety and quality make TCE a must-have partner for your next project.




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We enable engineering transformation with 3D,4D, 5D enabled Digital & Advanced Technologies and plant engineering solutions. We provide:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management / Supervision
  • Program Management
  • Specialised Services
    1. Quality & Safety Audits
    2. Outage Management

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