integrating international colours into one unity

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Integrating international colours into one successful facility

Consulting and construction supervision for a Brownfield coke oven plant with a by-product plant can be yet another project in the life of a technology consulting firm that has been in the business for five decades. However, when there are 88 oven chambers, 11 major partners (some international), Chinese technology, Indian contractors and a Brownfield project with facilities operational – the assignment gets truly ‘colourful.’ This project goes down in the annals of the Construction business history as a souvenir due to some key technology aspects of the project:

  • Integration and management of various technology partners, especially interpreting from Chinese technology partners and implementing them in Indian conditions
  • Construction of state-of-the-art, architecturally designed and built, main receiving sub-station complete with office building comprising six levels with passenger lift – built adopting ‘green building’ concepts.
  • Dismantling top structural arrangements and brick lining five layers of top coming from a height of 145 metres for a chimney from the outer side.
  • Erection of coal conveyor gallery between two coal towers at a height of 54 metres.
  • Installation of large numbers of stainless steel burner pipes, cleaning nozzle pipes in each block of battery within a close tolerance for their locations.
  • Construction and retrofitting of a new cooling tower in by-product area and dismantling of an existing cooling tower for clearing a front for scrubbers and compressor house.
  • Construction of junction house and coal conveyor gallery with 12 metres depth alongside existing coal conveyor.
  • Construction of cooling tower basin on the roof of a process chiller plant.
  • A 68-metre high quenching tower wall construction up to 31metres along with refractory work.
  • Installation of de-dusting nozzles at 58 and 43 metres inside the quenching tower.

There were several other challenges especially on account of retrofitting a large facility upgrade with no downtime. These challenges were addressed with innovative solutions, which have now become benchmark practises for such a facility erection. The Tata Consulting Engineers’ Construction business unit’s proud moment came when the plant was commissioned in record time and in concurrence with international safety standards.