Nuclear Power
Providing Concept to Commissioning Services

Nuclear power is the largest source of clean electricity generation in developed economies and the second largest globally, thus providing strong foundation for energy transition pathways.

For more than six decades, Nuclear has provided reliable and low-carbon power generation. As we electrify more and more industrial sectors, demand for clean power will surge. Nuclear power will play a significant role in realising the net-zero carbon commitment to be achieved in 2050, considering the lower carbon footprint.

TCE has a four decade rich engineering experience covering complete plant engineering for nuclear power projects with boiling water reactors, pressurised heavy water reactors and fast breeder reactors. We also have extensive experience and capability to engineer nuclear fuel processing, fuel fabrication and waste management facilities. Having achieved 85% Indian market share in engineering services in the nuclear sector, we are thus becoming a trusted partner in implementing world-class nuclear projects.

Our Expertise

  • Nuclear Island, Conventional Island, Balance of Plant

  • Handling, Processing, Interim Storage and Long term Storage facilities for High Level, Intermediate and Low Level wastes in Liquid, Solid and Gaseous forms

  • Fuel Fabrication Facility, Fuel Re-Processing Facility

  • Data Digitisation, Modelling, Safety Analysis
Nuclear Power
Industries We Serve

  • Power Conventional Systems for Entire Plant
  • Civil & Structural Systems/Piping for Entire Plant
  • Electrical & I&C Systems for Entire Plant including Power Evacuation and System Studies
  • Balance of Plant Systems for Entire Plant including Sea Water Intake/Outfall, CWS, Water Treatment & Distribution, Galleries, Outside Services
  • Reactor Auxiliary Systems - Cooling Systems (Calandria, End Shield, Active Process Water, SFSB)
  • Reactor System Common Services: Compressed Air, Chilled Water, Service Water, DM Water, Fire Protection, HVAC
  • Special Capabilities: Fire Hazard Analysis, Plant Layout Studies, Advance Analysis (FEA/CFD/Blast analysis), Special component Design (Fuelling machine), Industrial Automation & Remote Handling
Nuclear Power<br> Plants

  • Spent Fuel Reprocessing Facilities
  • Fuel Fabrication Facility
  • Waste Management Plant (HLW, ILW, LLW and Organic Wastes)
  • Waste Storage Facilities (Interim and Long term Storage)
  • Integrated 3D/4D Engineering
  • Layout/Piping
  • Electrical/I&C Systems
  • Civil & Structural Systems
  • Remote Handling Facilities
  • Fuel Processing Facilities: Compressed Air, Chilled Water, Service Water, DM Water, Fire Protection, HVAC
Nuclear Fuel/Waste<br> Processing & Storage

  • As-built 3D Plant Modelling/4D Simulation of Entire Plant
  • Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety Analysis: Civil Structures Piping, Linear and Non Linear Equipment Support
  • Remote Handling, Industrial Automation
  • Plant Health Monitoring, RLA Studies & Uprate: Balance of Turbine Island, BOP and Main Plant Auxiliary Systems
  • As-Built Data Collection, Digitalisation of Entire Plant
  • Operating Nuclear Facilities Disciplines: Civil & Structural, Piping, HVAC, Mechanical Equipment, Electrical Systems, I&C Systems
Services for Operating<br> Nuclear Plants

Engineering a New India

Engineering Consultants for NPCIL’s First Indigenous 2x700 MWe PHWR at Kakrapar, Gujarat

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