Engineering Life: Covid Response
TCE Response for Combating COVID

Engineering Solutions to Combat Challenging Times

The pandemic second wave required urgent actions towards enhancing the country's Oxygen generation and distribution capacity. Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE) has made sincere efforts towards contributing to the requirement, focusing on Agility and Indigenisation aligned to Atmanirbhar Bharat, Quality and Cost Competitiveness.

In the second wave of COVID19, India witnessed a massive shortage of medical oxygen in hospitals. Even though oxygen used for industrial purposes was diverted for medical use, it was not enough to meet the increasing demand. Alternative modes of oxygen generation were required considering the colossal demand, especially at remote locations. Therefore, there was a need to look for additional sources through which oxygen could be generated quickly near the consumption point. A task force was set up at Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE) to study all possible options and work on engineering the fastest and best-suited option in the given circumstances.

Alternate and out of box solutions for storage and distribution of oxygen were investigated and published as the whitepaper, including conversion of CO2 fire extinguishers and LPG cylinders for medical oxygen service. All these methods involve statutory, legal and other approvals. They must be done with the proper involvement of government authorities. Adequate cleaning and colour coding of the cylinders are required for safety reasons. A governance mechanism involving government officials, PESO, Controller of Explosives, Fire Department, Medical Department (Min. of Health) and administrative authorities is also required for related compliances and approvals.

Oxygen Efforts

225+ Oxygen Plants Under Commissioning 1,00,000+ Oxygen Concentrators Proposed for Manufacturing 10,000+ MT/day Oxygen Impacted Oxygen Enabled
  • 65+ Nitrogen Plants conversions
  • 89+ New Oxygen Plants
  • 90+ MT of Zeolite provisioned
  • 100+ Oxygen Plants consulted
  • 250+ MT/day PSA Oxygen plants
  • 20,00,000 LPM Oxygen
  • 4000 MT/day Oxygen
  • 200+ Innovators involved
  • 50+ MSME involved
  • Oxygen 250+ MT/day PSA Plants
  • Oxygen 4000 MT/day O2C generation
  • Oxygen 6000 MT/day O2 handling Cylinders 8 Million Cylinders (Cylinder Conversion Pilot and approval awaited)
  • 300+ hospitals assisted for Oxygen needs across 10+ States
  • 5000+ Emails queries and requests responded
  • 10+ Webinars / Web-events
  • 100+ Telecons with MSME, Hospitals, Entrepreneurs
  • 15,000+ person-hours dedicated for fighting the pandemic
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