Sector - Infrastructure

Services - Design & Engineering

Location - Maharashtra

Turbofan Engine Test Facility for Aircraft – Air Port Authority of India

TCE provided services for aircraft engine test facility at Santa Cruz airport, Mumbai in 1972 and later for the upgradation of the facility in 1985.

In 1972, TCE designed the facility for Air Intake System, Engine Lifting Platform and Instrumentation. The Control and Data Acquisition System was commissioned under the supervision of TCE engineers.

After a period of time the engine-lifting system was required to be upgraded and was thus replaced by a Scissor Lift in 1985. The Scissor Lift was procured as a standard item. TCE provided services to the Airport Authority of India for erection and commissioning of the Scissor Lift. During this phase of the work the Suppressor Tube was also modified and the Control and Data Acquisition System renovated.