Sector - Infrastructure

Special Audit for ADB Financed Power Projects – Asian Development Bank

Special audits of ADB financed power projects at Unchahar in Uttar Pradesh and Rayalseema in Madhya Pradesh. TCE were a part of ADB mission for the audit

TCE Scope of Services

  • Review existing practices of the plant for management of environment
  • Provide local regulatory environmental inputs
  • Meeting with local Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forest, New Delhi
  • Assess the loan component spent on environment management and compare with original plan
  • Walk through site for assessing physical state of environment and compliance status
  • Identify risks, if any or likely risk in future based on the equipment design and / or environmental guidelines applicable and recommendation of appropriate action to mitigate those risks
  • Assistance in preparation of report particularly for Environmental Legal and Legislative requirement in India