Shivapur Gravity Dam

Sector - Power

Services - Design & Engineering

Location - Karnataka

Shivapur Gravity Dam | Height – 24.0 m | Length – 370 m

hivapur dam is a masonry dam with concrete spillway spanning across the Tungabhadra canal in Koppal District of Karnataka State, India. The dam is 24m high and 370m long comprising of 5 nos. of vertical lift gates - each of size 6.1 m (W) x 1.83 m (H). The dam is major part of Shivapur Hydel Plant of capacity 18 MW

The design flood of the existing masonry dam was studied prior to raising the Full Reservoir Level (FRL). The rise in FRL of the dam was achieved by adding 5 nos. of vertical lift gates to the old ungated spillway as a part of construction of Shivapur hydroelectric project.

TCE Scope of Work

1. Review of design flood of existing masonry dam.

2. Hydrological safety assessment of existing dam due to raise in FRL.

3. Review of structural adequacy of existing dam due to rise in FRL.

4. Detailed design of rehabilitation/strengthening works (post-tension cables) of dam.

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