Sez At Hazira - Essar Sez Hazira Limited
Sez At Hazira – Essar Sez Hazira Limited



Essar SEZ Hazira Limited (ESEZ), a company of the ESSAR Group is developing a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Hazira, Surat. TCE was appointed as Lender's Engineer (LE) for the assignment. The project cost estimated by ESEZ is Rs. 1086.00 crores which includes Infrastructural Development Cost of Rs. 541.16 crores, soft cost of Rs. 121.15 crores and Land cost of Rs. 423.53 crores.

ESEZ has planned to develop about 535.0 hectares of land/ area in first phase. ESEZ is planning to acquire in aggregate 1600 Hectares of land and become a Multi Product SEZ (MPSEZ). The infrastructure development activities have already started by ESEZ.

TCE Scope of Services

As LE, TCE will provide "Initial Due Diligence Report,‟ covering review of cost estimates prepared by the ESEZ for infrastructure works .LE did not review the design aspects (including sizing/ adequacy etc.) of the infrastructure facilities. LE reviewed project cost estimate and project schedule for following elements.

  1. The equipment suppliers and construction contractor‟s scope of supply and corresponding cost estimates
  2. Identify major equipments not covered in the contracts and cost impact, if any
  3. The cost estimates of other elements of the Project Cost
  4. Assess the present status of implementation of the project and review key milestones
  5. Review the procurement schedules
  6. Identify the activities required for accomplishing the balance milestones
  7. Estimate the schedule of project implementation of the project based on optimistic, pessimistic and most likely scenarios.