Safety, Health and Environment Audit - Grasim – Chemical Plant
Safety, Health and Environment Audit – Grasim – Chemical Plant



Somaiya Organo, manufactures alcohol which is under first Schedule of the Factories Act under the category of Fermentation Industries. Alcohol being classified under hazardous industry, the company commissioned TCE to perform an SHE audit of their facility.

TCE Scope of Services

  1. Review of documentation on process description, plant layout, operating S H E policies and plant procedure and practices
  2. The study was followed by an on-site visit of 5 days to the plant for on site verification of the details furnished
  3. Discussions with plant management and operating staff to verify procedure followed regarding safety, health and environment
  4. In all cases, not only the actual interview with the operator and documentation furnished was relied on, but the actual plant walk through observations were also recorded and correlated
  5. Non-compliance observed were agreed and recorded
  6. Report preparation current status of legal and environmental compliance, release of hazardous material leading to any liability