Raising of Pise Weir using Inflatable & Deflatable Weir gate
Raising of Pise Weir using Inflatable & Deflatable Weir gate





Pise Weir, located on Bhatsai River downstream of Bhatsa dam, is a Concrete masonry structure. It creates bondage for extraction of 300 mgd of water for MCBM. The prevalent pumping capacity was 140 mgd at the time of execution allowing for no additional storage.To enable additional pumping by 140 mgd, the existing storage capacity was to be enhanced. An increase in storage of equal quantity of water for emergency use in the good season was also required.

To increase the storage upstream of the weir (160 m long) by 140 mgd to act as bondage for pumping additional 140 mgd from Bhatsai river at Pise Weir, an inflatable and deflatable gate of 2m height was installed over the crest of the wier. It was pivoted on a mild steel gate and raised and lowered by rubber pillows.

n the inflated position, an excess of 2m of water could be stored. It provided the required storage in the regular season; however at the time of flood, the gates would deflate, taking the shape of weir ogee thereby allowing the flood to pass by and re-inflate after that. There was no obstruction to the flow in terms of pillars or piers.

  1. With TCE’s engineering ingenuity, a system was designed to raise the Pise Weir by 2m without providing intermediate Peirs and without additional strengthening. The shape of the Pier was reinstated after the floods passed.
  2. The raise in the suction level of the pumps (to a total of 440 mgd) led to a reduction of pump head thereby providing monthly saving of INR 30L in the power bill per month.