Gravity Dam | Height - 22.74 m | Length - 1182 m
Pariat Gravity Dam | Height – 22.74 m | Length – 1182 m




Design & Engineering


Madhya Pradesh

Pariat Dam is located in Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh. The dam is 22.74 m high and 1182m long. Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE) Limited, in association with JPS Associated (P) Ltd. Were appointed as the Design and Supervision Consultants for Asian Development Bank (ADB) assisted Urban Water Supply and Environmental Improvement Project in Madhya Pradesh, implemented in the three cities of Bhopal, Jabalpur & Gwalior. As part of the assignment, TCE were involved in providing engineering consultancy services for Rehabilitation & Strengthening of Pariat Dam. The broad scope of the consultancy assignment covered surveys and investigations including structural safety, operation assessment and rectification measures, procurement assistance and supervision of works related to rehabilitation of the dam. TCE provided comprehensive services right from project planning to construction supervision for the project.

TCE Scope of Work

  1. Assessing planning and detailed engineering services for rehabilitation works of apron and edge earth retaining walls at downstream side of over flow weir.
  2. Engineering for field investigations and tests.
  3. Preparation of Tender Document, enquiry specifications and Bill of quantities for civil works.
  4. Details on strengthening measures of dam for reducing the seepage/permeability and as a part of strengthening measures.
  5. Detailed construction drawings for modifications to existing apron and retaining walls downstream of overflow weir.
  6. Construction supervision of rehabilitation & strengthening works.
  7. Installation of new sluice gate.