Modernization and Expansion Of Delhi Airport - Delhi International Airport
Modernization and Expansion Of Delhi Airport – Delhi International Airport




Design & Engineering, Procurement Management Services



Delhi International Airport (Pvt) Ltd., (DIAL), a joint venture of GMR Group, AAI, Fraport, MANSB and IDF, is rebuilding Terminal 1, revamping Terminal 2 and building a New International Terminal alongwith Runway

TCE Scope of service

  1. Advise DIAL in the management, supervision, planning, co-ordination, budgetary and construction processes of the Project so as to procure the objective of timely completion of the Project within the Project Programme and the Project Cost Plan.
  2. Advise DIAL as to the manner in which each part of the design and construction processes thereof should be carried out and completed in accordance with DIAL's requirements as to design, materials and workmanship.
  3. Review, advise and report to DIAL on any necessary alterations to the proposed structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural features of the Project with a view to ensuring functional efficiency, economy in costs and the enhancement of the value of the Project.
  4. Advise DIAL as to the best manner to procure that the Professional Team and Project Contractors carry out and complete each and all of their respective duties and obligations under and in connection with their respective Project Contracts.
  5. Advise on interface co-ordination and provide cost control advice.