LPG Storage and Handling System - Essar Oil Limited
LPG Storage and Handling System – Essar Oil Limited




Design & Engineering, Procurement Management Services



Storage capacity of LPG - 5000 MT – Four nos. sphere (Diameter - 17m), each having a capacity of 2500 M3.

TCE Scope of Services

  1. Equipment list.
  2. PFD and PID.
  3. Statutory clearance assistance – CCOE & GPCB.
  4. Layout of four no. 17 meter dia Horton sphere complete with loading / unloading of road tankers. Receipt to storage from barger at jetty at approximately 4 km. From storage area.
  5. Interlock diagram.
  6. Procurement of pumps heat exchanger, boil off compressor for re-liquefaction, weigh bridge. All instrument items pressure temp, level and flow, indicators, Pressure and flow control valves. Safety relief valves due to over pressure and due to fire, Flow control system for loading of road tankers.
  7. Hazardous area classification drawing.
  8. Plot plan of entire setup covering sphere layout truck movement, parking and filling control room, MCC and weigh bridge.
  9. Fire hydrant, monitoring system layout and procurement of the same.