Engineering a tech-city of the future
Engineering a Tech-City of the Future




Design & Engineering



An international finance tech-city for a rapidly developing state in India is intended to be India’s foremost destination for financial services and other multi-services sector. The State Government established a joint venture company for the development of the tech city. This ambitious project of the State Government is designed to stand proud on the banks of the river Sabarmati, built to be a colossal township spread over 25,000 acres with office buildings on 880 acres. Tata Consulting Engineers Limited has been appointed as engineering consultant and is presently handling the city planning and detailed engineering.

The magnitude of the project and the planning required showcases Tata Consulting Engineers’ capabilities as a high-end engineering solutions provider. The project run-time is expected to extend to about 11 years.

Scope of the Company’s involvement entails complete infrastructure master plan covering:

  1. Power supply
  2. Water supply distribution - Raw water pumping station and pipeline, water treatment and master planning of water supply distribution network for 673 acres.
  3. Wastewater collection and treatment
  4. Master planning for stormwater drainage management
  5. External fire safety systems
  6. Solid waste management
  7. Largest district cooling systems
  8. Irrigation systems
  9. Transportation - External connectivity, improvement of existing access roads, connectivity to national highway, arterial, sub-arterial and internal roads, vehicular and pedestrian underpasses, flyovers, metro line with stations.

Tata Consulting Engineers’ engineering expertise entailed innovative solutions that provided cost-effective options, environmentally sustainable waste management and water management solutions, resource conservation measures and ensuring that the city is built on a ‘green’ concept. This project is not only the pride of the state which is in the limelight for its growth but also a proud accomplishment for Tata Consulting Engineers’ Infrastructure business as this is a platform that showcases the company’s capabilities.