Sector - Infrastructure

Services - Design & Engineering, Project Management

Location - Maharashtra

Deepening and widening of Mumbai Harbour Channel and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Channel – Phase ll – Jawaharlal Nehru Port


In order to cater to the largest container vessels of the future, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust intends to deepen the existing navigational channel to a depth of at least 17 m in two phases.

TCE Scope of Services

Feasibility stage

  • Carrying out detailed traffic and vessel size forecast for JNPT up to the horizon year 2030
  • Carrying out the Concept Design of various channel alternatives viz width, depth, alignment, length and side slopes
  • Estimate channel capacity through simulation of vessel movement in a suitable queuing model
  • Estimate the initial quantities of soil and rock required to be dredged based on the available geophysical, geotechnical and oceanographic data available. Also identify data gaps and requirements of the additional studies
  • Identify the most optimum disposal methodology of the dredged material, i.e. onshore disposal or offshore dumping at the designated dumping location, based on the type and quantity of dredged material.
  • Carry out feasibility stage project cost estimate
  • Carry out financial and economic viability analysis of the project and suggest different project structuring options

Detailed Project Report Stage

  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report based on the optimum alternative chosen at the Feasibility Stage
  • Coordination of detailed modelling studies, geotechnical studies etc for optimization of the channel parameters
  • Firming up type and quantity of dredged material, preparation of detailed dredging plan and estimation of the Project Cost for project clearance from PIB / PPPAC
  • Finalization of project structuring and assisting JNPT in obtaining environmental and other statutory clearances for the project

Execution Stage

  • Global Tendering, evaluation and award of work
  • Project Management Consultancy Services for smooth execution of the project within the estimated time and cost